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Solutions for the Hydropower Industry - Split Mechanical Seals
Keep Water in Its Place

​​​​​​​​​​Conventional main shaft turbine seals are designed to leak and, in most cases, wear the sleeve they seal against. They also require clean, filtered water that is flushed within the seal to prevent solids from embedding between the sealing elements and the sleeve.

Chesterton Split Seals ar​e designed to seal leak-free. Utilizing our innovative technology and sealing materials, we can deliver superior sealing solutions that address the dynamics of your operation and develop reliable, long-term solutions that significantly reduce filter water requirements.​

​Why Use Chesterton Split Seals?

  • Abrasion-resistant face materials mitigate wear associated with silt and sand
  • Minimize or eliminate seal leakage
  • Reduce flush water usage and filtration requirements
  • Simple installation
  • No packing maintenance or break-in requirements
  • Eliminate shaft/sleeve wear
  • Proven technology with years of reliable operation
  • Cut maintenance and operating costs
  • Field repairable
  • Reduce or eliminate secondary pumping equipment required to control seal leakage

Learn more about Chesterton Split Seals.​

Chesterton Solutions for the Hydropower Industry