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Chesterton Webinar: Effective Environmental Controls for Sealing in Water & Wastewater Plants—August 5, 2016
Best Practices for Extending Mechanical Seal Life and Increasing Pump Reliability


Groveland, Massachusetts —July 29, 2016:  A.W. Chesterton Company is hosting its third free webinar in a 5-part series addressing pump sealing, energy reduction, and infrastructure challenges faced by the Water and Wastewater industry.  Webinar 3: ”Effective Environmental Controls for Sealing in Water and Wastewater — Not Just Water Down the Drain” will be held on August 5, 2016 at 11:00 A.M. EDT. 

This webinar will address the environmental control strategies commonly used in water and wastewater pumping systems. Environmental controls are the life support system for mechanical seals in pumping equipment. Selecting the proper seal type, materials, and environmental controls are vital in establishing long-term pump reliability.

Chesterton sealing expert Paul Keough will discuss specific piping plans for typical applications and common pump configurations as well as some of the most frequent oversights when environmental control specifications are created. He will also examine the costs associated with flush water systems and strategies that can be utilized to minimize these costs.

About Chesterton

A.W. Chesterton Company operates in over 100 countries around the world and is recognized as a leading international provider of knowledge backed solutions, customized programs, and hands on expert service for Rotary, Stationary, and Fluid Power equipment platforms; supported by a comprehensive line of industrial fluid sealing systems, high performance protective coatings, and specialty industrial lubrication.

For more information contact:

Paul Keough

Market Development Manager