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Chesterton Solutions for the Water & Wastewater Industries
Visit Us at WEFTEC 2017 - Booth 2055

​​​​Chesterton offers a full portfolio of sealing solutions, services, and technologies to help your plant operate at peak reliability and to extend equipment life. Stop by our booth to discuss solutions to your latest challenges.

Sealing Reliability:  Expertise & Technologies​

We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of sealing solutions for the water and wastewater industries – from tough slurry pump sealing applications to improved performance of pumps and agitators:

  • Split Mechanical Seal Solutions: Designed for leak-free performance and reduced/eliminated flush water usage; simplified installation and maintenance; and field repair. Available in diameters up to 914  mm (1-36 in.). Chesterton is the world leader in split seal innovation.
  • Slurry Pump Sealing:  A unique non-clog design for maximum shaft motion without hang-up as well as flush-free service for a wide range of slurries. Cool-running advanced technology.
  • Environmental Controls:  Our exclusive technology removes entrapped air and solids from the stuffing box of your rotating equipment to minimize wear and tear and seal failure. Available for mechanical seals and packing.
  • High-Performance Compression Packing and Gaskets for pumps, valves, flanges, and other rotating equipment.
  • Polymer Sealing Solutions for Hydraulic/Pneumatic Equipment: Featuring proprietary thermoset materials and flexible designs. Our regional SpeedSeal™ engineering/manufacturing centers offer customized expertise and same-day delivery.

Equipment Wear Pr​otection & Efficiency Solutions

Chesterton's ARC Efficiency and Protective Coatings have been engineered to withstand all phases of water treatment process systems — from the collection of raw water and wastewater to tertiary treatment and sludge handling.

Lubrication & Maintenance Solutions

  • Advanced greases engineered to protect against corrosion and to increase reliability as well as lower maintenance and operating costs.
  • New generation anti-seize to protect against extreme corrosion and water washout resistance.

Learn more: Chesterton Water & Wastewater Solutions Brochure (PDF)