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Chesterton Introduces 1726 Low Emissions Packing for Isolation Valves in Chemical Service
Effective Without Live Loading Assemblies

​Groveland, Massachusetts – Monday, October 23, 2017

A.W. Chesterton Company, a leader in fluid sealing technology, has introduced 1726 Low Emissions Packing, a new low emissions sealing solution for isolation valves.  The innovative packing is designed to help companies in the petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas industries meet and exceed current emissions requirements and improve safety. 1726 is offered in a single spool and fits a wide range of isolation valve applications, allowing companies to simplify inventory and installation.

Chesterton 1726 packing has a carbon core covered with PTFE in a true double-braided formation. Its innovative construction is designed to achieve low emissions sealing levels without the use of costly and time-consuming live loading assemblies. 

The PTFE jacket of 1726 provides chemical resistance and lower friction, while the specially formulated carbon core provides superior sealing capability in harsh, corrosive environments. The result is a non-hardening, flexible packing that is extremely strong yet extrusion-resistant, resulting in a highly secure and reliable seal for emissions service.

“Most PTFE packing products have significant extrusion issues that require live loading.  This takes time, and the springs are more costly,” explains Ron Frisard, Field Product Manager.   “For companies seeking to upgrade to a low emissions PTFE packing, 1726 offers a very time- and cost-efficient solution that is also low maintenance.”​

Chesterton offers a variety of innovative packing products and sealing systems designed for low emissions, and as well as expertise and tools to assist in reducing fugitive emissions.

About A.W. Chesterton Company

Operating in over 100 countries around the world, Chesterton is recognized as a leading provider of knowledge backed solutions and expert service for Rotary, Stationary, and Fluid Power equipment supported by a comprehensive line of industrial fluid sealing solutions, high performance protective coatings, and specialty industrial lubrication. ​

Media Contact: 

Sharon Raymond
Manager of Brand Management
Phone: +1 978 469 6240

Chesterton 1726 Low Emissions Packing - Isolation Valves in Chemical Service