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Chesterton Solutions for Hydropower
​​Hydropower Solutions

Reliability Through Innovation

Chesterton's innovative solutions for hydropower operations have been implemented around the world with documented success and recognition. Chesterton delivers increased equipment performance and reliability with a portfolio of products and services unparalleled in the industry.

We help you meet challenges head on:

  • Reduce/Eliminate Water Turbine Leakage:  Chesterton sealing technology ends most concerns over water leakage and costly water filtration
  • Minimize Oil Leakage: Our seal designs and advanced polymer materials help keep oil in the turbine hub and keep debris out
  • Extend Asset Life : High-performance industrial coating technologies protect new equipment and extend the life of corroded assets
  • Enhance Reliability: Unique compression packing technology for improved sealing
  • Reduce Maintenance & Downtime: Chesterton split sealing solutions simplify installation and repair so you can spend time on other tasks
  • Build Expertise: Our knowledgeable trainers support your operation's most critical asset: its people​

Kaplan Turbines: Solutions for Critical Sealing and Bearing Applications

​Kaplan turbines operate in a harsh environment, where reliability,  performance and environmental friendly operation of the turbines are crucial. The sealing and bearing applications of the turbines determine the overall reliability, availability and efficiency of the units. A.W. Chest​​erton  supplies complete sealing and bearing solutions  for a wide range of Kaplan turbine  applications including  alternator bearing seal, braking and lifting jacks, wicket gates servomotors, turbine main shaft sealing, distributor ring bearings, main shaft bearing seals,  wicket gates guide vanes, runner blade trunnion seals and blade pitch control servomotors.  Learn more.​

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Split Mechanical Seals for Maximum Reliability

Chesterton is the global leader in innovative, value driven sealing device products.  Our split seals for main turbine shafts are designed to seal without leakage, minimizing the problems associated with it. Our innovative technology has expanded split seal use in large rotating equipment, simplifying installation, improving reliability and extending performance capabilities.

  • Chesterton split seals use abrasion-resistant face materials to mitigate seal wear typically associated with main shaft turbine seals. SpiralTracTM bushings prevent particulates from reaching the seal, enhancing seal reliability and extending seal life.
  • Our knowledgeable specialists, engineers and service teams will listen and work with you to deliver the best total sealing solutions for your critical hydropower equipment.

By undering the dynamics of your process and individual needs, Chesterton will help you develop successful long-term sealing solutions. Learn more. ​


​​Split Runner Blade Trunnion Seals: Keep Water Out & Lubrication In!

Leakage can generate havoc on an entire turbine system. Chesterton’s Split Runner Blade Trunnion Seals create a positive, leak-free sealing system that will improve sealing and reliability of runner blades to meet environmental control requirements. The benefits include:

  • Virtually eliminates the concern of oil leakage into the environment and protects runner against water and its contamination
  • Offers a design built to offset long-term issues associated with  blade droop that impact long-term reliability
  • Uses a high-performance thermoset polyurethane for improved abrasion, cut, and tear resistance​—further lowering friction values that will reduce wearout
  • Employs a split design for ease installation

Chesterton also offers high-performance sealing solutions for other hydraulic and pneumatic applications in hydropower industry, including: runner blade pitch control servomotors, turbine brake cylinders, wicket gate servomotors, and wicket gate stems.  Learn more.

ARC Protective Coatings:  Increase Reliability & Efficiency

Chesterton’s ARC protective coatings for the hydropower industry increase the reliability and operational efficiency of critical power house and dam related equipment and structures such as penstocks, isolation valves, scroll cases, wicket gates, turbine, draft tubes, radial and tainter gates, spillwaysm and upriver dam  nosing.  These advanced performance coatings are designed to address the damaging effects of erosion, corrosion and cavitation through application of ceramic and quartz reinforced epoxy linings​.

The benefits of using ARC protective coatings include:

  • 100% solids, no VOC’s, offers lower fire and explosion hazards
  • Ceramic- and quartz-reinforced for robust erosion/abrasion wear protection
  • Low-viscosity corosion protection systems simplify installation
  • Rebuilding grades available for resurfacing/rebuilding pitted and worn surfaces
  • Low surface energy coating grades available for improved hydraulic efficiency and flow

Learn more.​