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Chesterton - Oil & Gas Sector Solutions
​​​​​​​​​​​​ Cheste​​rton products are well suited to the high temperature, high pressure, and widely varying chemical​ environments of this sector​. Chesterton specialists bring expert knowledge and applications insight to help your operation lower emissions, decrease energy usage, and extend the life of valuable assets.

High Temp/Pressure Sealing

Chesterton's spring energized seals provide leak-tight sealing in extreme temperatures and high pressure applications. Learn more.

API Standards: Valves/Packing

Get detailed information on the three API valve/packing emissions standards tests which are prevalent todayLearn more.​​

Heat Exchanger Safety​

Heat exchangers require special gasketing attention for proper safety and maximum efficiency.  Learn more.

Product & Solutions


Well h​eads; Christmas Tree Assemblies:

​Turrent Swivels: 100 Series Spring Energized Seals​

Separators: ARC HT-T​/ ARC HT-S

Hydrocyclones:  ARC 858 / ARC SD4i

Heat exchangers: ARC 858​ / SD4i (<70C);
ARC HT-T  / ARC HT-S (<150C)

Process water pumps: ARC 858​ / ARC SD4i

Mud tanks: ARC 858​ / ARC SD4i​


Deaerators & Scrubbers: ARC HT-S

Heat exchangers: ARC 858​ / SD4i (<70C)

ARC HT-T/ ARC HT-S​ (150C)

Compressors: ARC HT-S


Desalters: ARC HT-T​ / ARC HT-S

Desulfurization:ARC S7​ / NVE​ / ARC HT-S

Cooling tower/Pumps: ARC 858 / ARC SD4i​

Wastewater treatment: ARC S1PW​ / ARC 791


Inventory preservation:  Chesterton Lubricants and MRO Products​