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Chesterton Mining Solutions for Equipment Reliability
​​​​​​​​​​​​ Stress, high imp​act, slurries, dust and dirt, corrosion, and lack of water can all have an enormous impact on mining equipment reliability and uptime. For decades, Chesterton specialists hav​e helped mining operations around the globe meet these challenges with expertise and advanced solutions in sealing, lubrication, and protective coatings. 

Sealing Pumps & Saving Water

Careful selection of the proper sealing device can greatly reduce water consumption and other costs. Learn more.

Hydraulic Sealing Reliability​

Discover major steps you can take to maintain maximum uptime for mega hydraulic excavators. Learn more.​

Mobile Mining​​​ Uptime

The right cylinder upgrade and sealing solution can double or even triple the rebuild cylinder cycleLearn more.​


Six Steps to Increase Pump Packing Reliability in Mining​​

This e-book addresses why pump packing fails, how to conduct a thorough failure analysis, and how to choose the best packing for specific mining applications.  Download now.​​


​​Case Studies​​​


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