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Hydropower Pump Sealing Expertise
Chesterton's innovative solutions for hydropower operations have been implemented around the world with documented success and recognition. Chesterton delivers increased equipment performance and reliability with a portfolio of products and services unparalleled in the industry.


Stop Turbine Teardowns & Greatly Reduce Leakage 

Chesterton's split seal technology for main turbine shafts removes the need to dismantle turbines and significantly reduces leakage.  Learn more.

Keep Oil in Kaplan Turbines & Seal Debris Out

Did you know that inefficient or failed trunnion seals cause the majority of Kaplan turbine failures? Discover how to select the best seal for reliability.  Learn more.​​

Protect Equipment from Erosion & Corrosion

Specific industrial coatings can be used to repair and prevent issues caused by corrosion and other forces to save significant downtime/costs. Learn more.​

Applications & Solutions

Main Shaft Turbine

Kaplan Turbines
Coatings: BX2, SD4i

Francis Turbines
Coatings: BX2​,  SD4i 

Wicket Gates
Seals: 22K, 22KE, 20K​, 27K, 16K​, 17K

Wicket Gates Servomotor
Seals: W21K​, R22K​, R11K, P22K, 20KD, 18K, 19K​, 16K, 17K

Radial/Trainter Gate
Coating: S1HB

Scroll Case
Coatings: BX2​/SDS4i​



Kaplan Turbines: Steps to Improve Blade Runner Trunnion Sealing​

A survey conducted among Kaplane turbine owners found that inefficient or failed blade trunnion seals cause more than 60% of Kaplan turbine leakage.  In this paper, we address best practices around selecting, installing, and supporting Kaplan runner blade trunnion seals to maximize your investments and efforts.

Download now. ​​​​​


Equipment Upgrades & Overhauls: Success Stories