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Chesterton Geothermal Power
​​​​​​​​​​​​ Cheste​​rton has robust solutions for the high speed, high-temperature, and high-pressure challenges faced by geothermal plants. Our specialists bring fluid sealing and asset protection expertise to help you increase reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance plant/public safety.

Lower Sealing Maintenance​

Chesterton's highly reliable split seals offer low maintenance and leak-free sealing with easy installation. Learn more.

Improve Pump Efficiency

ARC protective industrial coatings can reduce friction and wear to improve pump efficiency by 5-20%Learn more.​​

Increase Heat Exchanger Safety​

Heat exchangers require special gasketing attention for proper safety and maximum efficiency.  Learn more.

Products & Solutions

Downhole Well Pump

Feed Pump
Custom 999 Double Seal + Plan 53

Isopentane Turbine

Cooling Tower Pumps

Brine Injection Pumps
180 Heavy Duty Seal (End Suction Pump)
442C Cartridge Split Seal​ (for Split Case Pumps)

Heat Exchangers

Coatings: ARC 858​ / SD4i (<70C); 
ARC HT-T  / ARC HT-S (<150C)

Inventory Preservation

Lubricants and MRO Products​