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Awards & Commendations
Recent Company Awards

Eastman Supplier Excellence Award: Chesterton was recognized by this global specialty chemical company as a supplier that has performed above and beyond the expectations set by Eastman. The award is given to suppliers who meet on-time delivery requirements, conform to order specifications, and prove continual improvement through significant, documented value-add projects.

Presidential "E" Star Award for Exports (2013): The highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. Chesterton won the same award in 1964, and is one of only five companies in the U.S. to be a repeat recipient.

Family Business Association Large Business of the Year Award (2011): For achievements and contributions to the state economy.

Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award – Projects/Programs Category: Presented by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable for innovative leadership in pollution prevention and sustainability. Chesterton was highlighted for its development of the 1622 Low E Packing, for advanced sealing capabilities to control fugitive emissions.

Global Trade Award – Massachusetts International Business Council (2010): For demonstrated creativity and leadership in international trade-related activities.

Vaaler Awards

​Chesterton 1622 Low Emissions Packing (2011) won in the Environmental category for new products reducing pollutants in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Chesterton CMS-2000 Injectable Packing (1995), a high technology composite that outperforms conventional packing or single spring pusher seals, and eliminates the need for product flush and prevents frictional wear of shaft or sleeve.

Chesterton 241 Double Cartridge Seal (1977), the first off-the-shelf cartridge mounted double mechanical seal.

Chesterton 880 Mechanical Seal (1975), a heavy duty single seal engineered to be run against many different stationary seal rings for maximum flexibility and offering a non-fretting design that will not damage the pump shaft sleeve.

Chesterton 770 Mechanical Seal (1970) designed to fit standard ANSI pumps without special machining.

Chesterton One Super-Graphite Packing (1970) which extends ranges in non-oxidizing services to 5000ºF (2760℃).

Chesterton Vanway O-Ring (1968) for chemical sealing applications.

Other Product Awards

Plant Engineering Product of the Year - Fluid Handling (2008): Chesterton 33K, a split design polymer seal for bearing and gearbox protection. The 33K eliminates the need and associated costs for equipment disassembly while improving seal performance of conventional lip seals.

Plant Engineering Product of the Year (1992): Chesterton 155, a single cartridge mechanical seal ​designed to meet environmental regulations for emissions control.

Plant Engineering Product of the Year (1992): Chesterton 255, a dual cartridge mechanical seal engineered ​to meet environmental regulations for emissions control.